Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember remember the 5th of November!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I can think of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Bonfire night today! It seems to have crept up rather suddenly, I haven't even seen any of those firework safety government awareness ads on tv this year. I haven't gone out to see the fireworks for so long now, but we might go up to the top of the hill next to my house to watch for a little bit tonight. The weather's meant to be a bit damp though, so fingers crossed it won't be too wet! It's much better when it's dry, there's something so magical about the cold crisp night and the smell of fireworks hanging in the air. Might even get a chance to play with some sparklers! I think they can be so much more fun than fireworks. I think we have some in the kitchen drawer that have been in there for years, but I might persuade the boy to go to the supermarket with me to pick up some more. We need some groceries anyway, or at least that's my excuse! (Toffee apples totally count as groceries!!)

Didn't get a chance to post my new stash pics yesterday because the boy came round in the morning after his night shift! I'd planned a relaxing day alone with my yarn and ondemand TV, but instead spent the day with my yarn and ondemand TV and the boy snoring in the armchair in the corner :)

New stash by you.New stash by you.New stash by you.New stash by you.

1.5 & 2mm dpns, because they are impossible to find in the yarn stores in town, some ecru and jade merino tops, and silk noil fibre in vanilla, turquiose and petrol. I've never spun silk before, so looking forward to giving it a shot! I've got a feeling that my spindle is too heavy for it, but I won't know until I try. for Ro & Johnny's wedding

Speaking of spinning, I've finished my ink blue merino singles and started yesterday on the sky blue merino. So far, I'm in the zone with it! I'm still quite a beginner spinner, and although I consider myself fairly competent towards the end of the ink merino I kept overspinning, spinning too fine and snapping the single, and just basically making a complete mess of everything! That's what happens when I pay too much attention to catching up with Spooks on BBC iplayer :) With the sky blue though, I'm almost halfway done with the sky blue and it's spinning like a dream! I'm aiming to spin the whole thing without a single mishap. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Onto the knitting now, and I've just cast on for the Tree of Life Afghan for Ro & Johnny's wedding. I decided a while ago to make an afghan for them as a wedding gift, but was taking my time finding it and assumed I'd have a nice long leisurely stab at it because the wedding was originally planned to take place around August. Ro recently decided to bring it forward 8 months and get married in December ( think I wrote about this before). Cue present panic! I was originally going to knit Burridge Lake Aran Afghan, but I like the symbolism of the Tree of Life afghan, especially since Ro is named after the Rowan tree, so I thought it'd be a particularly nice touch. I just love the intertwining branches. Not completely sure about the flower pattern, but don't really fancy looking and swatching a suitable substitute. Not the mention the fact that the tree of life doesn't need seaming, whereas Burridge Lake does! And I do like to avoid seaming whereever possible. Of course I know it's going be nowhere near finished in time for December, but I can give it my best shot!

I better get showered, off to see Quantum of Solace and then have a pub lunch (so much for a diet!).
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