Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Lots of socks and The Holden Shawl


At the time of writing this (Tuesday – look at me being organised for once!) the Holden Shawl is still a WIP, although I’m desperately hoping that it’s actually a FO by Wednesday so that I can finally give it to its intended recipient!

Also in WIP status are the Filey socks:


the Mystery socks (not a mystery any more, I peeked at some of the finished ones!)


and the double knitted hat (still!)P1070788

Those Christmas deadlines seems to have come and gone. I think the poor boyfriend is destined never to get his knitted Christmas gifts on time. The poor thing always gets shunted down the list when it come to the panic knitting of getting the gifts for others finished on time. My mission for this year is to start my Christmas knitting earlier than I think I need to to try and buck this trend!

The Mystery socks and the hat are actually a little further along than in these photos, I just haven’t taken any updated ones. I’m trying to exercise some restraint and not cast on for anything new until I have at least 2 of these projects off the needles. Some of these projects have been on the needles since November, and that is far too long, especially considering that none of them are large projects!


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well hello.

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 weeks since my last post! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic festive season. My December blogging kind of fell by the wayside. I got caught up in some last minute job interviews, went on a training placement, then my Aunt had quite a severe stroke and sadly passed away the weekend before Christmas, so the blog was a little far from my mind.

I also have much to catch up on with my blog reader. The number of unread posts is obscene!reader knit count

I’m going to have to some serious speed reading to catch up with it all!

Anyhoo, the blog might’ve been a little quiet, but the needles haven’t been so I do have a few FO’s to share. I think I might space them out over a few posts though rather than doing a mammoth post now. Especially since I’m desperately trying to finish a lace shawl for my boyfriends Mum so that I can give it to her tomorrow!

For today though, just a little light blocking transformation.

I finished Levens yonks ago (on February 19th 2010, to be exact!), and I have absolutely no idea whether I actually blocked it or not. The yarn has quite a high acrylic content, so if I did wet block it, it clearly didn’t work very well as the ends have always curled up. A lot. As much as I love this scarf, that’s always kind of bugged me, so when I was doing some ironing on Sunday I grabbed the scarf, a handful of pins, and steam blocked the heck out of it. You’ve got to love steam blocking for instant gratification! The scarf has now gone from this: P1040908To this:P1080001 Ahh, much better. Now you can actually see the lace edging!

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