Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What happens when you knit in the dark...

Spurred on by the fact that there are only 22 day's left til Christmas, and thus only 22 days left to finish knitting my Christmas gifts, today I pulled out the Boy's socks. Despite a relatively quick start they're still not very far on at all and I haven't even reached the heel on the first sock yet! Thinking I could get a few rows in before lunch, I took a look at them in daylight for the first time in weeks. It seems that all the night time car knitting hadn't gone as smoothly as I'd thought!

  Christmas box socks by you.

The front of the sock showed nothing but row after row of beautiful rib, but turning things over...

Christmas box socks by you.
Can you see it, just a few rows down from the working row? I guess it's not really too clear on that photo.

Christmas box socks by you.  Christmas box socks by you.

See it now? Row after row of perfect little knit stitches marred by a perfect little purl stitch throughout the entire back row. Somehow I'd managed to screw up an entire row and knit on without even realising it! It's quite clearly the direct consequence of knitting in the dark in the car (as the passenger, of course. God only knows how my knitting would turn out if I dared to knit and drive...). Le sigh.

For a couple of minutes I debated between ripping the whole thing back to the offending row, but I hate frogging, especially since one side had absolutely nothing wrong with it, so the only thing left was to drop each stitch down and pick it back up with a crochet needle. After about 45 mins of wrestling with a crochet needle everything is (almost) fixed. I say almost because I've fixed all of the all-knit and all-purl columns, but I'm far too lazy to attempt to fix the columns which alternate knit and purl, my argument being that they're not entirely noticeable anyway! Also, the fixed columns are a little bit wonky, but I'm hoping that that's nothing that blocking won't solve.

My mission for tonight? To finally get the heel shaping of course! I feel that the Devil's Whore will be an excellent backdrop to sock progression, providing I don't get too distracted by Dominic West :)
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