Thursday, March 12, 2009

i should be revising but...

I really should be reading my books and making revision notes so that I can pass my exam which is coming up alarmingly soon, but I still find myself playing with my ball winder making those squishy yarn cakes, fingering the pretty strands of yarn and daydreaming about all the possibilities of what I can make and all the patterns I want to try (there are some fabulous ones in the new Knitty, I especially like Decimal (but nix the flared sleeves), Pioneer (with long sleeves) and the Sourwood Mountain mitts (as is!)).

I really should be a model student, and be fastidiously reading, underlining, highlighting, re-reading and highlighting somemore, while scribbling out timed practice essays within an inch of my life.

P1030483 by you.

But instead I cast on for Springtime Bandit (ravlink).

And there it is in all it's 5 inch glory covering up the land law textbooks and revision notes I'm kidding myself that I'm actually working on. It's more of a natural cream in reality, crappy night photos bring out the yellow. Although I'm planning on tea dying the finished thing, just it doesn't look quitenot so blah on me.

I love zeitgeistyarns work, and I've had the Silk Kerchief pattern printed out and filed in my knitting folder for what feels like forever. I tried casting on for it sometime last year, but I was too lazy to a) find a crochet needle and b) figure out the crochet cast on. But I will attempt anything in the name of procrastination, and today I was amazed by how simple it was. I've just finished the set up chart, and am now about halfway through the first set of the body chart.

In my defence (it's always handy to rationalise these things), I needed a new little project ever since I finished the Boys socks (finally!). I'm still working on the wedding afghan, and it's now far too huge to knit on the move with (onto the second set of flower repeats now, yay! The end may possibly be in sight. Ever so slightly. Maybe.). I feel so lazy watching TV with idle fingers, it feels like I'm sinfully wasting time. Somehow having knitting in my hands justifies my sitting staring at a box for an hour. And so, I needed a small project in my hands.


At first I was hankering for another pair of socks, but I couldn't decide on what colour yarn or whether to use magic loop or my lovely new bamboo dpns, so that was a dead end (have I mentioned how indecisive I am?!). It's getting too warm for the pretty hats in my rav queue, and it's definitely too warm for mittens, I'm not in the mood for baby clothes, so with my obsession with scarves and pashminas in mind I decided to start a pretty spring scarflet. Although I'm not sure my choice of pure wool is a wise one... we'll see. I wanted to use a pretty duck egg blue Debbie Bliss cotton/angora from my stash, but I don't have enough. Boo.

As an aside though, how pretty is duck egg blue as a colour? It reminds me of a fresh spring sky. I've woken up to sunny skies the past few days, so spring might finally be here.

image from COLOURlovers

Anyhoo, it's coming along fairly quickly. The pattern is less complicated than I thought it would be, and I've managed about 5 inches while catching up on Damages on BBC iPlayer. Not bad.

Back to "revision".

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