Friday, January 22, 2010

catching up around the house

As every blogger knows, the longer you leave it to update, the harder it becomes to actually write anything.

Well, lots of knitting has been done over the past few months, but no blogging so when I saw this fun little meme on princess pea a couple of weeks ago I decided it was the perfect chance to jump back into things with two feet (and procrastinate in the middle of exams and revision cramming revision!).

The idea is really rather simple: wander around the house, take photos! I actually took these on the 7th of January when all that gorgeous snow was happening, but I was trying to hold off until after my exams. I’m now about half way through (4 down, 6 to go!) so this is how I’m celebrating!

There are a number of categories that are suggested:

  • In the kitchen
  • On the nightstand
  • In your work/craft space
  • Out the window
  • What the pets or children are up to (I have neither, so classing myself as exempt from this category!)
  • On your feet
  • Knitting or knitwear in action

Here we go!

In the kitchen


I absolutely love jasmine flowers. I went on jasmine buying binge a few years ago, and bought about 4 jasmine plants. This one has been sitting pretty on the kitchen window sill for a while now. I think it only flowered once, early last summer, and then just sat there green and dormant. It wasn’t until about late November/December that it started throwing up buds like crazy, filling the kitchen with their heady scent, and it hasn’t stopped since! These delicate, trumpety little flowers looked so pretty in the morning sun that I just had to snap them.

On the nightstand


Sony Walkman on top of a pile of books. The Graveyard Book was a Christmas present from the Boy, and I picked up the middle book for some crazy price from the now late Borders. I didn’t manage to get to Borders in the couple of weeks before it shut when they were doing their insanely discounted books, but still managed to get a stack of about 15 books at really good prices. I’m definitely going to miss browsing there. I miss it already!  There’s another pile of books on the floor at the foot of this table, out of shot. I am running out of space to keep yarn and books. And naturally, some wool and knitting just peeking through the top right!

In your work/craft space


I don’t really have a designated craft space (I would love one though!), it just tends to be wherever I happen to park my arse. However, this is the desk where I am currently revising. Just look at all that paper. That’s a small tree right there! And just one subject too. There’s another 4 where that came from! Yeesh.

Out the window


On your feet/Knitting or knitwear in action


Two in one because I’m lazy. And this one is just delightful. Not only did I manage to cut off half my foot, but  you get to see my lovely fleecey joggers that I practically live in around the house AND all the crap that I tried to hide under the bed. Which is mainly about 3 bags full of yarn! And some Whittards tea that I’ve decided to keep under my bed and not in the kitchen!
But anyway, these are my Prairie Boots (rav link). Knit using 2 strands of cheap DK wool from the market, which looks a little stringy, and I haven’t yet sewn any buttons on so technically they’re not really finished. They knit up really fast though, and the construction is interesting which makes it kind of fun to watch them take shape, so I will try again some day soon with some more suitable wool. I’m also wearing sheepy socks, but you can’t really see that in this picture :)

If anyone else does do this, please do send me a link. I’m a nosey nebs and love to see little glimpses of other people’s lives and lovely homes!

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