Monday, September 13, 2010

WIP: more mystery socks

I love the idea of mystery socks: not knowing what you’re knitting, getting clues every week and seeing the pattern unfold. All good reasons for me to jump into my second mystery KAL with the SolidSocks group on Ravelry.


It’s 2 weeks in, and I am absolutely loving this pattern so far. I am completely enamoured with the heel flap.


I’ve waxed lyrical before about how I love thick cushiony heel flaps, and this one settles itself firmly into that category. 32 rows of alternating twisted stitches results in this fantastic heel, which is a tad more tricksy and time consuming than a slipped stitch heel flap, but it is so pretty and so worth it.

I have to wait until Wednesday now, for the next clue. For the meantime though, this heel flap is truly y u m.

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