Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Grey lace


Yup, another SolidSocks mystery sock!


I’m about halfway through Clue 2 at the moment, and loving it. It’s super squishy and stretchy lace that isn’t too holey, and they just generally feel incredibly cosy. Which is great seeing as it’s still so cold at the moment.


At the moment I’m knitting these two at a time from both ends of the yarn cake, and I have somehow managed to get the most irritating tangle in my yarn, which is holding me up slightly as I keep having to untwist and free my yarn ends. It looks like a relatively simple tangle to undo, but because I’m knitting these two at a time on one long needle it’s proving impossible. Every time I’ve tried to fix it, I’ve ended up with a knot, which is Much Worse. The only way to fix it would be to cut the yarn, but for some reason I’m inexplicably reluctant to do that, even though I usually jump at the chance to do a Russian join. So instead I’m going to try and whizz my way through the rest of the ball and cut only at the end when I absolutely have to.P1080679

At any rate, my yarn seems to be scrabbling to escape from the confines of the yarn cake. I told Graeme that I thought it looked like a pretty grey flower, but he just looked at me funny and said it was more like an acorn.

I still think it looks like a flower, but maybe I’m just weird!

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