Monday, February 02, 2009

snow day!

We're having some "arctic" weather here in the UK, so my day off has mostly been spent watching the snow from under a blanket with lots of tea and maple pecan cookies. Yum.

tea on a snowy day by you.

Some knitting progress has been made as well (in between cookies and cakes). We're leaving for Berlin on Wednesday and I still haven't finished the Boys scarf, which is panicking me slightly! The weather there is cold, and I promised him I'm make him this scarf ages ago. Trouble is it's on 3.5mm needles so progress is annoyingly slow, and I'd completely forgotten how much I loathe scarf knitting. It's too monotonous for my tastes! I love a bit of repetitive knitting as much as the next knitter, but with hats and socks and jumpers and everything else you get to vary things up with at the very least some some shaping! A scarf is just a huge big long strip. Still, knitting is knitting and the yarn (Sirdar Balmoral) and pattern are lovely. I did just come across a knot in the yarn, but it's the first one and luckily I was able to unpick it. Although even if I couldn't I would have just snipped it off and knitted the join, I absolutely hate knots in knitting. I'm almost halfway through the scarf, so hopefully if I force myself to keep at it tonight I'll just about finish it and then have time to pack and knit myself a quick hat on Tuesday! Fingers crossed...
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