Friday, September 18, 2009

Signs of Autumn

P1030953 by you.

I love the first signs of autumn. Pretty greens and golds and lovely warm reds, and soft warm sunshine that takes the edge off the crisp cool air. 

Yesterday was my perfect autumn day. Sunny and crisp, with autumn cheerily peeking through summer. Today it’s dull grey and bloody freezing. I look like a freaky weird hobo with an old woolly cardigan and my fingerless mitts. But no matter, I’ve only got texbooks and lecture notes for company today. And the ever present cups of tea of course.

 P1030975 by you.

I am glad to see the lilacs still hanging on to summer though, for now at least.

Knitting progress has been slow this week. It was the first proper week back at uni so things were kind of crazy and jumbled trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing and where and when I’m supposed to be doing it. The past couple of nights I’ve managed to get some knit therapy in, but it’ll probably start to stall when the coursework starts rolling in (although I think I’ll probably bribe myself with the odd row here and there :)). I’ve managed another couple of inches on the Baktus, which is shaping up to be lovely and cushiony with all that garter stitch.

Baktus WIP by you.

Progress is being annoyingly slow, partly because I haven’t picked it up for a while, and partly because I always forget how s-l-o-w garter stitch can be. It’s also showing up all my little tension mishaps, but hopefully they’ll block out. Can’t wait to wear it in all it’s squishy soft glory :) I also went to my local SnB last night, and had a really lovely time meeting everyone, so am definitely up for a repeat experience next week. I cast on for some Primavera Socks for a present for Ro as she liked my handknit socks that I was wearing the other week. Although I’ve actually cast on for them 3 times now. The first time I cast on too loose, the second time I decided I didn’t really care for 1x1 rib, and the third time (now with 2x2 rib) is the charm. I hope. We shall see.

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