Friday, December 09, 2011

That’s a wrap.


My cinema socks are finally off the needles and blocked! They were actually finished a few weeks ago, but I’ve been putting off blocking them out of sheer laziness.


But they are now finally done, blocked, and ready for the Boy’s Christmas box.

I didn’t really follow a pattern for these, they’re just plain stocking stitch with a ribbed cuff, but I did follow the Sleepy Hollow Socks heel construction.


I love the Sleepy Hollow heel for the fact that there are no stitches to pick up and no working back and forth; everything is knit in the round. It also creates a really nice shaped sole that really hugs the heel and then opens out slightly as the foot widens for fantastic fit.

I think something happened with my gauge when knitting these though, because when I finished them I asked the Boy to try and them on and the first sock fitted beautifully, but the second was incredibly snug. I hoped that blocking might sort this out, but I won’t find out until Christmas morning because I’m wrapping them up for him!

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