Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I’m giving toe up socks another try.

I’ve tried knitting socks from the toe up before, but 9 months later, they’re still on the needles. I’m not quite ready to resurrect my first attempt from hibernation yet, so here are toe up socks v.2: The Sliding Leaves socks.

I hand-dyed the yarn for these in an autumnal russet-y orange a few weeks ago, and cast on the night before the Boy and I set off for Scotland, intending them to be my holiday knit. Alas, my aversion to gauge swatching reared it’s ugly head, and about 2 and a half inches in I was forced to admit that they were in fact too big. I couldn’t quite convince the boy to wear lacy orange socks, and having only printed off the chart for the size I thought I needed they were sadly abandoned for the rest of the trip.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to frog them all the way and start from scratch, but luckily the next size down used the same number of cast on stitches with just one fewer increase row, so I managed (by some minor miracle) to frog back to the right row on both socks, and knit on afresh. Big improvement. My feet are no longer swimming in russet orange wool :)

I'm up to the heels now, so I probably should have taken an updated progress post, but I really wanted to get this post up in time for WIP Wednesday!
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