Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I can believe it’s time for another WIP Wednesday. This week has flown by and I don’t really have much progress to show for it!

The Sliding Leaves socks I was working on last week are still on the needles…


I was working on the heels last week, so I’ve only managed about an inch since then. It’s a nice pattern, and I like the socks, but to be honest I’m a little tired of knitting them! I usually manage to memorise most of a pattern by the time I’ve knit this much, but this one doesn’t seem to want to stick and I’m getting rather tired of having to read every line of 2 different charts. I’ll certainly be glad to finish these and have them on my feet rather than on my needles! It’s probably a good thing that I’m making them 2 at a time, otherwise I’m fairly certain that they’d be victim to the dreaded second sock syndrome…

I’ve also started spinning my hand dyed berry fibre from my last post.


I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turning out. I split it in half lengthways so I could preserve the colour changes as much as possible. It is a bit felted so I’m having to prep it quite a lot which is resulting in a very well pre drafted fibre which is spinning up to be very fine. I’m somehow managing to spin it fairly evenly, so I’m hopeful about the resulting yarn. I think plied it might be somewhere between a laceweight and a 4ply. I’ve got no idea what the yardage will be, but I’m hoping there’ll be enough for a small triangular scarf.

And just to finish, a little mystery sock spoiler alert– if you’re doing the Through the Loops 2010 Mystery KAL then look away now!

We’re up to Clue 3 and the penultimate clue is due for release tomorrow, but here’s how the sock looks so far, just past the heel turn…


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