Tuesday, June 21, 2011



6 rows of garter stitch frogged. Last nights movie knitting down the drain.

My own fault – I forgot to move up a needle size for the garter border. Thought I could get away with 3 rows with the smaller needle and the last 3 rows with the larger because I was feeling too tired and lazy to frog back.

I couldn’t.

This morning the difference was bugging me. Again I tried to ignore it, but after three attempts at binding off with three different bind off techniques and each one looking as messy as the one before, I bit the bullet and ripped it back. Plus, this is a gift, and I feel like it wouldn’t mean as much if I hadn’t given it my best.

So on again with the garter (and the right size needles this time!) and a new approach – instead of 6 rows of garter and a purl off, I’m going to try 7 rows garter and a knit bind off. Here we go again…

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