Monday, June 27, 2011

Well travelled.

I totally started to write this post for Tami’s FO Friday, but I ended up getting a bit distracted by a few blog tweaks, and then I got very distracted by the lovely weather (a rarity in the UK… even more so in the North!), and so here we are with an FO Monday! Not quite as catchy, but there we are.©

Solid Socks Mystery Feb/Mar 2011 by Lisa Stichweh

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia 4 fädig / 4 ply in Pale Grey

Ravelled here.

These poor socks have been sitting in a crumpled pile since May, until I finally got off my arse a couple of weeks ago and blocked them. Let me say now that this poor treatment is in no way indicative of my feelings towards these socks – I love them!

First of all, I’m a sucker for grey, and these are a lovely pale, elegant grey. Plus, Regia is always a good stalwart yarn (…and I bought a truckload of it when it was going cheap at Kemps).

© of all, this pattern is looovely! It was another one of the Solid Sock mystery KALs, although I kind of missed out on the whole “knitalong” part… again. o_0 (I will have to improve at this… going to cast on for the June/July KAL very soon!)



I absolutely love the lattice lace on the leg, it’s so wonderfully stretchy and squishy. I was a little concerned that it was working up a bit big, but I read a comment on the forum that said that the pattern would start to pull in a bit further down the leg (where the stocking stitch starts) so I plugged away at it and it fits like a dream.




The pattern was challenging enough to keep me entertained, but simple enough to memorise so that I didn’t feel chained to the print out. I also love the way that the chevron snakes around from the back of the foot (excuse the bad snapshot – apparently it’s rather difficult to take a picture of the back of your foot!).




I know that these were a very enjoyable knit, and I’m fairly certain that I stuck to the pattern (apart from adding another chevron to the foot), but it’s been so long since I actually knit these and I appear to have made no pattern notes at all, so I can’t really remember much about the process of these socks, or even the size I made (medium? I think so..!).

In fact, one of the few things I do remember about these socks is that I worked on them to and from Amsterdam, St Neots, and Nottingham, so they are rather well travelled.



And after all that, they certainly deserve a rest.

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