Monday, August 08, 2011

a crafting disaster


I love macarons, and I’m currently obsessed with the idea of sweet little macaron stitch markers. It’s been years since I played with Fimo and I was rather pleased with how cute and pretty my mini macarons looked when I’d finished modelling them. They do say that pride comes before a fall…

I popped them in my little toaster oven to bake, turned my back for few seconds to get some zip lock bags for the opened packets of clay, and when I turned back around I was greeted with a smoking toaster oven. Not good! It seems my trusty little toaster is hotter than I’d thought.

The pink ones went all bubbly and brown around the edges, but that’s nothing to how the blue ones fared…



I still desperately want my little macaron stitch markers, but I think for now I’ll take a little break with some spinning and come back to them later. I’m too sad about this disaster at the moment!

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