Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hola! y los peligros del cine de tejer ...

or rather, Hello! and the perils of cinema knitting… and apologies for my butchering of the Spanish language! Any Spanish speakers out there care to correct? My command of Spanish isn’t particularly great.

© Harbour, minutes before a downpour!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! The primary culprit has been a brief sojourn in the Galician city of Ferrol, in North Western Spain. It’s a little off the beaten tourist track so there isn’t a whole lot to do there other than people watch and drink some seriously good coffee, but considering how bloody cold and awful the weather in the UK is at the moment I am seriously missing the heat!

We got back home on Saturday night and enjoyed a pretty chilled Bank Holiday weekend, and although I had intended to bash out a post on Monday, I’ve managed to pick up some kind of stomach flu so haven’t really felt like doing anything other than lying in bed under a blanket feeling sorry for myself (and wishing that good old Blighty wasn’t so damn cold)! I still feel pretty rough, but a little better than the past couple of days, and I’ve progressed to sitting under a blanket in front of the computer! Happy days.

In knitting news, there hasn’t been a lot of progress. Newcastle Airport rather ridiculously doesn’t allow you to bring knitting needles in your hand luggage, so I was without my knitting for the whole trip(although I did find a knitting shop in Ferrol!). Only my vanilla socks have shown any kind of advancement, thanks to some cinema knitting before we left the UK.©

I managed to get a good 21/2 inches inches done whilst watching Super 8 (enjoyable but somewhat underwhelming) at the Tyneside Cinema, but when the lights came up I discovered a tiny little mistake had crept in in the dark.



A sneaky little yarn over at one of the magic loop row ends!


If so many rows hadn’t been worked after this little mistake I wouldn’t have hesitated in dropping the extra stitch back down and leaving it to the magic of blocking to even everything out. As it is, I think I’ll just do a sneaky little decrease to get of that pesky extra stitch, and then sew up the little hole later on. Ah, the joys of fudging!

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