Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow days.

It’s been snowing since Wednesday night in the north east, and I couldn’t be happier!

I also love icicles. They always looks so pure and pretty, and they remind me of my favourite joke as a child:

How does Jack Frost get around? By icicle.

Ho ho. I vividly remember walking up the school path aged about six, with my black and white panda ear muffs (I wish I still had them!) and my hands thrust inside the pockets of my school duffel coat, reciting that joke to myself and giggling.

I was a strange child.

You can imagine my excitement then, when I woke up on Friday morning to find this outside my bedroom window:


It fell to the ground and shattered after I’d opened the window to take this picture, but fast forward to this morning and I find this:


A whole family of icicles! So pretty, especially in morning sunlight!

And then I went down to breakfast and found these beauties in the garden:



These textured ones are stunning, wish my amateur photography skills could have captured them better!

I love snow, it gives me an excuse to bundle up and pile on my cosy woolly hand knits. I’m really hoping this snow lasts til Christmas, or at least until my birthday in 2 weeks! It’d be such a shame to have all this snow and then not have a white Christmas.

And just to keep things knitting related, here’s a sneaky peak of my latest project:


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