Tuesday, July 12, 2011



At the beginning of the year one of my best friends very kindly gifted me some birthday vouchers for The Knit Studio in Newcastle.

I’ve been wanting to visit this store ever since it opened last August, but somehow never managed to get around to it. I finally popped in a couple of weeks ago, but typically forgot my vouchers, so when I arranged to meet a friend for lunch on Thursday I realised that if I headed into town early it would be a prime opportunity for another visit, this time with vouchers in hand.

I love this store. It has all the wonderful yarns that I hear so many knitters raving about and knitting such wonderful things with, but have never had the chance to try. Yarns I have coveted from afar. 

Eventually, I settled on some Zauberball.


I was instantly drawn this ball of natural browns and greys. Although I do love colour, I tend to always go for the “safe” option of quite classic, neutral colours, colours that I can just throw on with anything at the last minute without having to think about matching/clashing. I think there is also something rather rustic and organic about shades of brown, grey and cream which really appeals to me. They feel like comforting colours. It seems a little strange to me now, to think of browns as being one of my go-to colours, since it was the colour of my school uniform and I grew up hating it!



I also spied this fiery colourway and thought that it might be nice to travel a little outside of my comfort zone. This is probably the most vibrant yarn I’ve ever had in my possession!



And finally, blue is one of my all time favourite colours, and I just could not help falling for the jewel tones of this Jawoll yarn. (It also reminded me of a few MAC eyeshadows I own, and that’s never a bad thing!)

If any visiting knitters are ever in the Newcastle area, I strongly recommend a visit to The Knit Studio! Located in historic Blackfriars, which is an old 13th century friary and one of my favourites spaces in Newcastle, it is the most darling yarn store I’ve ever seen, filled to brim with all sorts of luscious yarns, fibre, fabrics, books and magazines. The owner, Anne, is also lovely and so friendly! Plus, the store is right next to Chinatown, so lots of yummy eats are nearby!

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