Wednesday, July 20, 2011

purple ramen


Last night I frogged the mystery socks.


The gauge just wasn’t working for me. I was getting the pattern gauge, but to do so I had to go up to a 2.75mm needle and the fabric was far too loose. I like a firm tight gauge for socks, and I could see holes through these when I tried them on. That does not bode well for longevity…

I don’t have any 2.5mm needles, so I cast on again with my usual 2.25mm, knit along to The Hour (which was very good! And also… mmmm McNulty) ended up here:


Not a bad nights knitting really! Since my row gauge was hella off, I knitted 10 extra rows after the toe. I also discovered that I’d somehow managed to be 4 stitches short on each sock, but since I couldn’t be arsed to frog back again I just fudged it with some invisible increases. Much better than frogging!

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