Wednesday, September 07, 2011



Check out this knot-free beast! What a change from a few weeks ago. I am inordinately proud.

It was actually quite quick and easy to tame. I finished untangling it all the night before I left for Spain (it took precedent above packing!), but by then it was dark and there wasn’t time to take a decent photo. Blogging about my triumph over the knot gods has been high on my priority list since I got home, but life seems to have gotten crazy busy lately.

It started last Wednesday evening, when I got a phone call out of the blue from the company who made me redundant a few months back asking me if I was interested in doing a few temporary shifts for them. They asked me if I could pop into the office the next morning, and with my bank balance being as depleted as it is I would’ve been a fool to say no, so along I toddled bright and early. And therein lay the start of a 48 hour week.

I am shattered! I’ve been in the office every single day from Thursday until yesterday, and the only reason I’m not there right now is because today is the Boyfriend’s birthday, and tomorrow we’re heading up to Glasgow for a long weekend. And starting on Monday, as long as everything goes to plan, I have 60 hour weeks to look forward to until the end of September! I didn’t quite realise how much I was signing up for when I was sitting in the meeting room glibly nodding my head to all the hours they were throwing at me. Oh the joys of client deadlines! Here’s hoping I’m still alive by the end of the month…

Still, I do feel very fortunate to finally have an income (as short lived as it may be) again after so many months of nothing, and my bank balance will be looking a little healthier after my month of insanity. But it has meant that all my knitting and blogging has fallen by the wayside as I’ve been far too tired to even pick up a needle since last Wednesday. Can you believe that I didn’t even know where my knitting was until I sat down at this computer and rediscovered it tucked in next to the monitor (clearly where I must have left it after last weeks blogging)?! I usually always know where my knitting is! I really have no idea how all you full time workers have the energy to churn out such fantastic knits and regular blog posts in the way that you do. I am filled with a newfound respect for you all!

The upshot to all this is that my Glasgow trip will be even sweeter. I am so looking forward to knitting and wandering around the Botanic Gardens and the yarn shops and Fopp (if it’s still going…). I’ve been itching to cake this untangled yarn up and start knitting with it, but I’ve been holding off until I’d blogged about it, so I think this mini break is the perfect opportunity. My plan for this evening (as well as packing) involves caking the yarn, printing the pattern and getting my knitting bag in order so that I’m completely ready to get my knit on during the three hour drive up to Glasgow tomorrow.

Bring it on.

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