Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tinker, tailor, soldier, knitter.


Sorry for taking so long to reply to all your blog comments! I have read them all, and I will reply to everyone this week, but I suspect that my September blog presence will continue to be a little bit scarce. These 60 hour weeks are killing me! I’m hoping things will start to normalise in October, partly because I’m starting to go a little insane, but also because I’m really looking forward to Socktoberfest!
Anyhow, I popped into Newcastle after work yesterday for two things:
  1. Buy yarn.
  2. See Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
Despite how insanely busy town was (thanks today’s Great North Run it felt like everyone in the world was either in Newcastle, or making their way there!) I managed both of the above. Of course, first came the yarn…
It is mmmm so yummy, and the silk gives it a beautiful sheen. I had gone to The Knit Studio hoping to find some Malabrigo (I fondled some of this for the first when I was in Glasgow and am kicking myself for not having bought any! I cannot believe how soft it is.). Sadly, I didn’t find any Malabrigo, although that might be down to me not looking properly as I was in a bit of a rush. This Manos did catch my eye though. It is absolutely gorgeous, but at £14 for 100g it is the most expensive yarn I have ever bought!
There were so many luscious colours, but predictably I left with the brown. It is kettle dyed and has such wonderful and rich variations. I did very nearly buy the green Manos instead, but this skein is for gift knitting so I thought I’d play it a little safe. I might have to go back for the green though, it was the most beautiful zesty green and looked amazing paired with this brown (in fact everything looked great next to this brown). I’m dreaming of something striped, I think my Boneyard shawl has whet my appetite!
I’m a little unsure about what to make with this at the moment. I had initially decided on 198 yards of Heaven, but then I saw the Spiral Cowl and my giftee has a 2 year old, I’m wondering whether a cowl might be more practical than a shawl which could be prone to slipping off..? Decisions decisions.
I also managed quite a bit of progress with my second Vanilla sock while I watched Tinker, Tailor (LOVED it!) at the Tyneside Cinema, which made me extra happy as it was the first knitting I’ve had time to do all week. I even managed to keep things mistake free this time around as well! I might have to rename these socks my “cinema socks” since that’s where I seem to be spending most of my time working on them.
I found it quite serendipitous that the film ended just as I was reaching the start of the heel flap too. Happy days!

I was so pleased with my efforts that I snapped a pic whilst standing alone in the centre of Newcastle, waiting for the boy to come around with the car! I got so many strange looks for this...

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have already seen this, but here it is for the everyone else to see!
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