Sunday, January 15, 2012

one down…


one to go.

After one and a quarter Harry Potter films, and a good chunk of Escape to New York I finally finished (just about) my sock. I say just about because I was in no mood after midnight to start kitchenering, so I left that for this morning.


I couldn’t resist trying it on before I kitchenered, and although it looked a bit weird I’m pretty pleased with the fit. I used the Priscilla Wild short rows that I mentioned in my last post to make the toe, and I found it just as straight forward as the shadow wraps. It’s probably even simpler as you don’t need to do anything particularly special, but it is a bit easier to identify the wrapped stitches using the shadow wraps.


At this stage I’m not really convinced on the benefits of a short row toe. I can see where short rows can be a preferable method for heels, but the jury’s out for toes. I don’t find that the fit is any different than my usual method, and in the end I had to kitchener over 70 stitches instead of my usual 18. I also started grafting too tight so it took me twice as long since I had to go back over the row and loosen things up. Not fun! I’ve started the cast on for the second sock now, so we’ll see if the learning curve makes this one any easier!

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