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The lovely MissHSoo contacted me to pass this award on to me a few months back, and more recently it’s been passed to me by KiwiPurler so it’s high time that I blogged about it!

I’m so so sorry to MissHSoo for not blogging about this earlier, but the thing is, I’m rather a shy person. Anyone who knows me in real life will know how ridiculously shy I am around people I don’t know. I open up to people after a while, but I’m really very introverted, and I’m usually unbearably quiet around people I don’t really know. KiwiPurler articulated my feelings towards blog awards so well in her post, and I’m so glad to see that I’m not alone in how I feel about them.

Being given recognition for my little home on the internet is a wonderful thing, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and makes me feel as though people do like what I’m putting out there and I’m very appreciative that these two people have passed this on to me. I understand that to accept this, the rules are thus - I must share 7 things about myself and then pass the award onto 15 other blogs. I think the reason that I shied away from blogging this award was the passing it on part. I subscribe to so many blogs that choosing just 15 to pass it onto was a big task in itself (not only am I shy, I’m indecisive), and then when I did decide on my 15, would they think me silly for passing it on to them? Which is a completely ridiculous thought, because I certainly don’t think that MissHSoo or KiwiPurler are silly for passing this onto me.

So I’ve decided this: if KiwiPurler can break the rules then so can I. Therefore I’m tagging all of you. Share 7 things about yourself, either in the comments below, or on your blog and post the link in the comments so that I can read all about it, because not only am I shy and indecisive, I’m nosy too :)

So without further ado, here are my 7.

  1. I’m left handed, or as my other half the Boy likes to call it, cack handed/a southpaw. Isn’t he nice to me?! I very much like being left handed, it makes me feel a little bit special (apparently, only 10% of the world population is left handed!).
  2. I was taught to knit at a fairly young age (I’m not sure how old exactly, but I think around 5 or 6). My Mum asked her friend to teach me because she was also left handed and for some reason my Mum thought it’d be easier for me to learn from a fellow leftie. I’m not sure why she thought that because I knit the same as a right handed person. I remember that back then I used to think that “purl” stitches sounded wonderfully exotic, and I still have the orange plastic needles that I used to play around with back in the day, although I’m glad to say that the hideous acrylic tangles that I used to make are long gone.
  3. I’m an English style thrower, and the idea of backwards mirror knitting gives me a headache. I have tried Continental knitting, but my stitches end up too sloppy and I get frustrated with how slow my knitting is going so I never make it though a full row. I’d like to master it one day, but I’ll have to overcome my impatience first!
  4. I’m half Chinese, my Mum is from Singapore and my Dad was English with a tinge of Scot. It’s an endless bugbear of mine that I barely look Asian at all, and I’m always envious of other hapas who looks far more Asian than I. Alexa Chung, Maggie Q, Kelly Hu, I’m looking at you girls.
  5. When I talk to my Mum my English usually end up descending into Singlish. This is not something that is consciously done, and it can get a bit embarrassing when I’m in public on the phone to her and hear myself drifting into it! I can’t speak Chinese though, although I did have Mandarin lessons last year but I haven’t been practicing (naughty!) so need to get back into that. I can speak a teensy bit of Hokkien, which is my Mother’s dialect. Incidentally, the first Hokkien words that my Mum taught me were swear words (classy family!), but I pretty much only know enough to know when my Mum is speaking about me.
  6. I was obsessed with Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew books when I was younger, and spent much of my childhood with my imaginary twin solving ridiculous imaginary mysteries. (As an aside, in linking to the Wikipedia entry for Nancy Drew I've only just discovered that Carolyn Keene isn’t a real person! The books were ghost-written! I’m in shock.)
  7. At school I was an army cadet and I almost joined the Royal Navy. I was considering being sponsored through university to study engineering and then going on to train as a naval officer after graduating, but I chickened out. There’s a part of me that hugely regrets not following through with it. Other childhood regrets: not following through in a career in either astrophysics, marine biology or archaeology. These were all dream careers of mine, and if money and time were no object I’d still love to study any or all of them. It’s never too late for a career change, right?!
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