Saturday, February 25, 2012



I finished knitting these socks 5 days ago in a record (for me!) 11 days. I debated posting them in yesterday’s FO post, but I thought that that might be a bit of cheat as they’re only almost finished - I still have so.many.ends to weave in.


I counted them, there are eighty in total. Eighty! Sewing in ends is one of my Most Hated Things so it might take me a while to sew in all eighty. Funny, I don’t remember experiencing this much reticence with the ends of my Stripey Socks, but then again, they weren’t for size 11 man feet. In the 5 days since I bound off the second toe I’ve woven in exactly 3 ends. At the rate I’m putting this off it’s going to be at least another 11 days before I can finally block them and the Boy can pad about in his new socks.

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