Thursday, February 09, 2012

rainy days and Mondays


The Boy and I were planning on going to the cinema today, so last night I hurriedly cast on for another simple sock so that my fingers wouldn’t be too restless during the film. But when I woke up this morning the cold that I’ve been nursing for the past week had progressed to the stage where I felt truly rotten and only marginally better than death warmed up, and since I was feeling sorry for myself (I’m not a good patient!) we decided to postpone the cinema for another time. It’s been a horrid cold, wet and grey day, which makes it the perfect sort of day to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa with knitting, books, tea and TV.


I knit my rainy day socks all through Ponyo, and then pulled out my Kindle and carried on knitting whilst reading Game of Thrones (which I’ve become hopelessly addicted to despite my initial scepticism) while the boy played Need for Speed. I’m about a stripe and a half away from the heel now, but I’m still not completely convinced by my colour choice. The colours blur into each other too much.

The origins of this sock come from the fact that while I was knitting my stripey green and grey socks I asked the Boy what he thought of them, and he very nearly commandeered them for himself. Does that happen to anyone else? The Boy seems to do it quite frequently these days. Anyways, he graciously allowed me to keep my green and grey socks, and suggested that he might like a blue and grey striped pair instead. I’m at a loss over what to get him for Valentine’s Day, so decided to knit him his striped socks as a gift. A belated gift, no doubt, but it’s the thought that counts, and he’s used to my knitted gifts being belated ones by now. Better late than never!

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