Sunday, February 05, 2012

spring cleaning


I know it’s still winter, but I’ve got a small backlog of half written blog posts and finished projects that I never got around to photographing and blogging about, so I’m going to “spring clean” all these things that are cluttering up my head.

First up is this circle scarf that I knit waaay back in November 2010 (excuse the vacant expressions!). It’s big, and snuggly, and oh so warm, and it got me through all that snow that we had here in the UK that winter. It’s still my go to scarf for ridiculously cold weather, and I’ve even resorted to wearing a second scarf underneath it on a couple of occasions!


I had every intention of writing up a pattern for it but unfortunately I’ve left it so long that one year down the line things have gone a little bit fuzzy and I don’t think I made any pattern notes (or else I’ve lost them)! I’d still like to write it up one day, but it’s going to have to be unvented first.

The first time I wore this scarf there were inches of snow on the ground and I was walking to a Mandarin lesson. The streets were quiet, big fat snowflakes were falling around me and and it was so bright and pretty. I was bundled up in wool and cosy and warm and happy, so this scarf will always be a favourite of mine for having those memories tangled up inside it!!

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