Wednesday, February 15, 2012

one more for the road


I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day! The Boy and I are not big V-Day celebrators, but we did enjoy some delicious steak and red wine, although in truth only a few sips of wine for me. I love the idea of wine (if that makes any sense at all!) but I’m sadly not fan of the taste. I’m much more of a spirits kinda girl, and now that I think about it I’m wishing that I broke out the rum to enjoy with my steak!


I did manage to finish one sock of my rainy day Valentine’s gift pair in time for V-Day, but am only a couple of stripes into the second pair. Perhaps partly due to the fact that I decided to cast on for yet another pair of socks… Including my mystery socks, this makes the third pair on my needles at the moment. This doesn’t seem to bode particularly well for my 2012 resolution to shift a few WIPs before starting new projects…

But the Boy has this whole week off work and wanted to see a couple of films at the cinema. Since I seem to be incapable of sitting through a whole film without some sort of knitting in my hands at the moment, I was going to bring my rainy day socks. Knitting stripes in a darkened cinema isn’t impossible, a large proportion of my stripey socks were knit at the cinema, but it does involve keeping track of the row count in your head as you watch the film, as well as negotiating scissors in the dark and being very careful to snip the right colour yarn, and well, frankly, I really couldn’t be arsed.

Clearly a whole new project was necessary, and self patterning yarn was the obvious answer. All the fun of stripes, and no effort! Perfect! This yarn was originally my first foray into a toe up sock, but has shamefully lain abandoned in the WIP pile since late 2010 according to Ravelry (after that much time does it still class as a WIP? Surely it’s descended into UFO territory by then.)

Although I’m a little sad that I don’t get to see the pattern unravel since apparently I am simple minded enough to be entertained by watching a repeating pattern unfold, this thing is flying off the needles! I only cast on yesterday morning using some plain grey Regia Stretch for the short row toe, and by the end of The Descendants (good film but entirely unbelievable – if I was married to George Clooney cheating on him would be the last thing on my mind) I had half a foot. We went to see Hugo this morning (beautiful film. I may have shed a tear of two… I’m usually pretty anti-3D, but this one really worked. I still hate wearing the glasses though), and after 2 hours of that I’m all the way up to the heel!


Flying, I tell you.

The Boy has to pop into work for a couple of hours tomorrow, so I’m tagging along and will be parking myself in the cafe with my kindle and my knitting whilst I wait for him. I’m quite looking forward to it – nice coffee, good knitting, and a truly terrible book.

I finished Game of Thrones last week, which I really didn’t think was my kind of thing but it was only 99p in the kindle bookstore over Christmas and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I could not put it down and ended up absolutely loving it, but the high death count left me feeling a tad disconcerted so I fancied some brainless reading that was light on the body count. I chose Dan Brown. Granted, there’s usually plenty of death in a Dan Brown book, but his writing is so terrible that it’s usually bordering on comical and I can rarely take it seriously. It’s a been a good few years since I last read Dan Brown, and my goodness, I had completely forgotten how awful he was. Usually, I can get past the bad writing because the story is a bit of page turner (he’s like the literary equivalent of crack to me. A total guilty pleasure.), but I feel like I’m choking this one down. I keep doubting whether I can go on, but somehow I keep on going!

Phew, this post ended up being a whole lot longer than I intended so I’m off to spend the better part of tonight trying to decide which sock to bring along tomorrow…

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